Are You Ready for the New Year?

As 2014 starts we are all wondering the same things.

  • Am I going to keep my goals this year?

  • What are my goals going to be?

  • How will I make a difference in the world?

  • Will this be the year I make it?

And the answer is yes you can keep  your goals, you can make a difference , and this will be the year you make it. You are in charge of your destiny and no one can stop you but you. Now people are going to try and stop you, circumstance are going to come up which make it hard and sometime feel impossible. Nothing worth having comes easy and you will find every excuse in the world to not make your goals. Do not give into temptation and give up. When you have that urge remember this quote ” PAIN IN TEMPORARY, QUITTING LASTS FOREVER”-ERIC THOMAS.  I live by this every time I want to quit and it helps me pull through.  Now go out there and make your goals, do not hold back make them strong. I wish you all the best and remember your soul, family, and friends will be judging you ! lead by example and show them that you will make a difference this year. 

Ray Casias