Impossible is possible

What is impossible? It is a word that I do not like to hear. When I here people say something is impossible the first thing that comes to mind is did they even try and if so how hard. When I was in the military I heard guys talking about Ranger School and how impossible it was to get a Ranger tab, but I saw other guys walking around with a Ranger tab on their shoulder. I had heard it was one of the roughest leadership schools the Army had to offer and the attrition rate was very high. So why impossible? I just didn't get it ,but I was a you PFC(private first class) what did I know. I was an athlete and considered myself a good soldier, but the thought of Ranger school scared me because so many people told me it would be impossible for me to get their and graduate. I can honestly that going through Ranger School was hard and I quit a million times internally, but the work impossible kept popping up. Impossible it was not hard it was. On the day the I was pinned with the Ranger tab I new impossible was a word used by the weak and faint hearted. To this day the lessons I learned in Ranger school follow me and my approach to life. Nothing is impossible as a matter of face with the right mindset and determination everything is possible. So as you tackle those hard things in life that seem impossible know they are not. Sure what you are facing might be hard and test you in every manor possible, but in the end you can and will succeed if you really want it bad enough. Never let anyone tell you something is impossible.