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Frequetly Asked Questions

Q: I’m not sure if training in martial arts will be right for me. Is there any way I can try it before signing up?

A: Yes! You can try out any of our programs for free for one week before signing up.


Q: I don’t own any gear. Do I need to buy gear to try out the class? 

A: No. We will lend you gear during your free trial. Once you become a member, we will direct you to the proper place to purchase your gear.


Q: What should I expect my first class?

A: The first part of the class consists of a quick warm-up which includes stretching, core work, and movement drills. In the “beginner’s only” class, the warm-up is limited to quick movement and basic technique drills. After the warm-up, the instructor(s) will show the technique of the day, typically covering a specific topic of the week. The last part of class is “rolling” or “practical application,” depending on which class you take. The instructor will pair you with someone who is more experienced so that they can work with you and guide you through the basics of class.


Q: I’m not exactly in the best physical shape/I’m a little older/I’m a little apprehensive about starting. When I’m in class, will I have training partners who will be willing to work with me?

A: Yes. Our students range from ages 15-50+ and are men and women of all different shapes, sizes, and levels. You will see that finding someone to train with that is comparable in shape, size, and age is not hard at all. We also have many higher ranked students who will be able to work with you in a way where you can feel challenged, but still go at a pace that is right for you.


Q: I’m not sure if I will be able to keep up with the pace of the class. Do I need to be in shape before I start taking classes? 

A: No. As you participate in class, you will develop your cardio and endurance through the regular training. Weight loss, muscle development, coordination and overall better physical fitness are just some of the rewards that come from training martial arts. Also, you are welcome to pace yourself throughout the class. We always want you to try your hardest, but we understand that you know your limits better than anyone else.


Q: I’m just looking to get in shape/learn self-defense/learn something new and I don’t think I want to compete. Will my training be different/will I not receive the same attention because I do not intend to be a competitor? 

A: Absolutely not. We understand that not everyone plans to be a fighter or competitor, but you will still receive the training and attention as if you were one of our competitors. Whether your goal is to lose weight, learn to defend yourself, or compete, the techniques and skills you learn will always be detailed and relevant.


Q: Are there contracts? Can I pay month to month? How much does it cost? Is there a family discount? 

A: We have all types of different payment options available. Contact us today to find out about all options. We pride ourselves on working with people.


Q: What is the basic etiquette while in class?

A: These are some general rules to follow during training:

  • Keep your uniform clean.
  • Avoid foul language.
  • Respect everyone. The instructors are your friends, but you must still maintain good conduct. Show respect, get respect.
  • Check your attitude and ego at the door. Bad attitudes will not be tolerated. Your first offense will get you sent home. Your second offense will get you dismissed from the school. Permanently.
  • Be on time for class (if late, ask the instructor for permission to enter class).
  • Let the instructor know ahead of time if you need to leave class early.
  • Call or email your instructor if you will be absent for and extended length of time.
  • No shoes on the mat
  • Refrain from horseplay, talking, and interrupting while your instructor is teaching.
People About Us

Hands down the most family friendly gym I’ve ever joined. Our whole family trains here, and I couldn’t ask for a better environment to raise my two children in!! Owners Ray and Rachel truly have a family approach to running their gym, and the classes are phenomenal. They have taught my 13 and almost 7 year old discipline, self respect, and self defense. Love this gym!!!

Rebecca Bennett

Family atmosphere and great environment! The kids program, is amazing.

Jennifer Ring

At TBJJA there is always a warm welcome and a family friendly environment. The training is the best in the area offering many options for men, women and children. The amazing women’s only class offered on Sunday is open to all and taught by a world class athlete. I would recommend TBJJA to any and everyone in the area.

Sally Treadway

Regardless of your age or skill level you’ll feel welcome here. Ray and Rachel operate this family friendly academy and have created an environment where experienced, world class instructors and training partners are dedicated to helping you achieve your BJJ and fitness goals. Give it a try, you’ll never regret it.

Mark Chouanard

Very family friendly. Kids fit right in. Very pleased with the level of professionalism as well. They made me feel like family right away. Can’t beat the week free trial either!!!

John Vanus