As the start of April, we had a total of 10 students, 9 kids and 1 adult, compete in Chattanooga at the AGF tournament. We are very proud of each individual’s hard work and dedication!

Our medal count for the weekend included 10 Golds, 4 Silvers and 5 Bronze with a total of 107 team points. You can check out the individual results below. We encouraged our kids competition team to participate at AGF as we are preparing them for the upcoming IBJJF Kids Pans tournament in Orlando. The IBJJF format is different than most tournaments and we are trying to get them familiar with the process and get them as comfortable as possible. We would like to congratulate everyone for their performance this weekend.

Kid Competitors:

Rocky Davis

Jackson Petty

Sydney Petty

Emma Reyes

Luke Downen

Lena Savage-Jones

Ansley Rohdy

Mason Rohdy

William Smith

Adult Competitor:

Christopher Marlow

Thank you for representing the TBJJA!