When we talk about victories we don’t talk about victories over opponents it is the victories over your self that make the difference. As we prepare our students for competition we do not like to look at the big goal. Yes it is important,but to get to it we have so many battles that need to be won first. My old wrestling coach would always ask us what our goal for the season was and without question is was always state champion and team state championship.He would always respond with that nice now show me how we are going to get to it because that goal is 3 months away so what are you going to do in those 3 months to achieve that goal. As a young man I honestly did not know and did not have the mentor-ship to help me understand it. What I did have was hard work and determination and new that it would not be easy. So now that I am in a leadership roll I strive to help my students understand that the big goal is great,but we must win the battles within before that ultimate goal is in reach. No matter your age everyone wants to succeed and be successful. So what stops so many of us from becoming great or achieving our goals? Fear and fear alone! We tend to doubt ourselves at all times. It is human nature and no one is exempt from this.The reason why people stand victorious in competition is not by pure luck but my winning those small victories. So as you prepare for your next competition identify your fears and doubt and lets conquer those so we can move forward to our final goals.