That is a great question. In short expect to be excited, scared, overwhelmed, and lost. Does that sum things up? No seriously you will feel some if not all of these emotions. Do not fear though as everyone that has ever tried Jiu Jitsu has had the same feelings. Here are some simple tips to help you out.

1.Show up to your first class at least 20 minutes early. You more than likely will need to fill out a waiver and get a layout of the gym from the instructor or the front desk personnel.

2. Bring some water and workout clothing  with you. The gym may have a loaner GI and gear but be prepared.

3. Personal hygiene: make sure you don’t smell bad and clip your nails. Promise this will go a long way with making friends.

4.Gym etiquette: most gyms will give you etiquette of the gym make sure and read it and ask questions.

5. Keep and open mind: you are going to be lost and not understand the lingo. Someone will help you for the class.

6.Have fun: That is why you are here so keep that in mind. You aren’t going to learn everything in one day so set your expectations accordingly.

Hope this simple rules will help you with that first class.