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What should you expect during this time?

First thing is we hope everyone is doing okay! Please keep us updated with anything you may need. I always try to be honest with our students about what is going on with the gym. So here is where we stand as of now.:  the gym is doing good and that is because we have such great members.  Rachel and I posted a video a couple of weeks back talking about gym dues and you guys have been awesome.  We had zero cancellations and those that needed to freeze did.  We thank you for your support as our landlord and utilities are still requesting their paid in full payments (which they should).  We know you do not have to do this and we are grateful.  That being said, we want you to know that we do not expect you to lose the months that you pay.   So we will leave the ball in your court once we come back.  Option 1: we add those months that you paid at the end of your contract so you get your month/months back.  Option 2: you can pick a month/months to not get charged.  We also plan on doing a FREE seminar with James Clingerman when we are back.  As of now we have not received government help.  Our paperwork is submitted but looks like we will have to wait and see if they are going to do a second round as they ran out of money already.

Things we are doing to try and keep you engaged during this time.  Rachel and I have been posting videos everyday (thanks Alex for the great video work).  We were not sure about ZOOM classes as it would be hard to do Jiu Jitsu by yourself.  We are re-evaluating this and are trying to figure out the best approach so look for email or social media post early next week to see how we will proceed with Zoom.  This will be really big for our kids as we want to keep them engaged during this time and are trying to figure out ways to continue to get them promoted.  We thank you for your patience as this is something we never thought we would have to do and are still trying to figure out the ropes of online teaching.  We are preparing for when we can come back and start teaching classes.  We may have to modify somethings, but we are working on those plans and will release them once we get more details on government guidelines.  Please remember to like our social media pages, Facebook and Instagram, as we post a lot of content for our students.  Again, thank you for being part of our family.  We are blessed to have you guys at our gym and please know we do not take you guys for granted.  Much love and respect

Ray Casias